Help us make machines
more empathetic

Show us how you would react to the children in these pictures.


Disclaimer: The Empathy platform uses computer vision to measure your emotional response to an image. To do this, temporary access to your camera is required. The camera stream is sent via a secure connection to Affectiva, a 3rd party emotion recognition service provider, that provides the Empathy with an anonymous calculated emotional status. Your personal data are not collected - we do not store your image, the video stream nor fragments of it.


As part of FINE, our passion project to tackle mental health using design thinking and applied technology we realised that for computers to help human beings they must be able to respond in an empathetic way to the individual user. This technology doesn’t exist so we are setting out to build it.


To create an AI capable of understanding individual facial expressions and respond in the right way, we have created this website. As you respond to the imagery the algorithm will learn from you facial expressions how it could respond in specific circumstances. Ready to play?